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Washington Governor Strongly Against Gambling In State

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If Gov. Chris Gregoire had her way, Washington would be casino-free. She doesn’t have that authority, so she will treat the Cowlitz Tribe’s proposal for a casino on an initial reservation west of La Center like any other, she told The Columbian’s editorial board Thursday.
“I met with all the tribes a week ago,” Gregoire said in a wide-ranging interview.

“I told them then, I hate casino gambling. I don’t have the ability to shut it down. I wish it had never expanded off reservation.”
The governor, who served twelve years as the state’s attorney general, said she doesn’t like the drinking, smoking, and sex that accompany casino gambling, and she doesn’t like the state’s growing problem of gambling addiction.

“If this is an evil I have to accept, I want to see do something good with the money,” such as support education, health care and more diversified tribal economies, Gregoire said.
The governor has no love for the state lottery, either.
“The message heard by the voting public on the lottery was that it would pay for our schools,” she said. But money from the lottery, which the Legislature created in 1982, goes into the state general fund to pay for a variety of state programs, she said.

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